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Saltwater Mittens Saltwater Mittens from the Island of Newfoundland: More than 20 heritage designs to knit Woollen mittens have long been a Newfoundlander’s best friend. The warmer the better. In a quirky climate of freeze, thaw, blow, and drizzle, good mittens made all tasks easier—to split birch, hammer a nail, gut a fish, draw and haul water, hang clothes on a line, shoot a seabird, or snare a rabbit. Social life, too, always required the finest mittens and gloves. This continues today.
Album Rock Album Rock: Looking back through the lens of Paul-Émile Miot Part art history, part road trip, and part detective story, Album Rock began when Matthew Hollett stumbled across an intriguing photograph taken by french photographer Paul-Émile Miot from the 1850s on the website of the Corner Brook Museum and Archives.
Life On the Mista Shipu Life On The Mista Shipu: Dispatches from Labrador In Life on the Mista Shipu, Robin McGrath acts as a navigator, guiding locals and visitors alike around parts of Labrador—particularly the interior—that are too often overlooked. In doing so, she offers candid glimpses of human and natural history, of local colour and characters, and of the culture of the three founding peoples of modern Labrador. The Mista Shipu is known as the Churchill River in English.
Burton Winters The Boy Who Walked: The Death of Burton Winters and the Politics of Search and Rescue In January 2012, 14-year old Burton Winters froze to death after his snowmobile broke down on the ice just outside his home in Makkovik, Labrador. While his death was tragic on its own, grief turned to outrage as details emerged about his struggle for survival and how the search for Winters was handled by government agencies.
Unchained Man Unchained Man: The Arctic Life and Times of Captain Robert Abram Bartlett Based on archival research in four countries, Unchained Man is a biography of Robert Bartlett, one of the central figures in international polar exploration and Arctic history. Available now!
Working The Rock Working the Rock: Newfoundland and Labrador in the photographs of Edith S. Watson, 1890-1930 Between 1892 and 1930, American photographer Edith S. Watson made repeated trips to outport Newfoundland and coastal Labrador, getting to know the rugged land and its extraordinary people. Along the way, she explored, recorded, and compiled a treasury of captivating, dignified images of life at the turn of the century.  
Land & Sea - My 30 Years Land and Sea - My 30 Years For almost 30 years Dave Quinton was welcomed as a family member into the living rooms of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. As the face of CBC-television’s Land & Sea, Quinton brought viewers into overlooked outports, introduced them to the men and women who lived there, and showcased the province’s natural beauty. During his decades as host, Quinton witnessed tremendous change and reported history as it happened. But what of the things viewers didn’t get to see? The outtakes, the misadventures, the touching stories away from the camera? Quinton has compiled many of his favourite tales, poignant memories, and keen observations, enlivened with over 100 full-colour photographs. Told with warmth and wit, Land & Sea: My 30 Years sheds new light on a beloved television show and the people and province who inspired it.
The Grand Tour The Grand Tour: My months of hitchhiking, biking and serving Her Royal Majesty Like young people today, Dave Quinton yearned to explore the world after finishing his university studies. In 1960, four years before becoming host of CBC’s Land & Sea, Dave his friend Bob hatched a plan: steam across the Atlantic, then hike, hitchhike, and cycle across Europe for as long as their money would hold out. Little did Dave know that his travels would take him within the gates of Buckingham Palace, where he would to meet members of Britain’s royal family.
Struggling With My Soul Struggling With My Soul George Rich’s Struggling with My Soul is a story of growing up caught between two worlds. A Labrador Mushuau Innu, George’s family and people gave up their nomadic way of life to settle in Davis Inlet. But the promise of a better life in a new place quickly turned to alcoholism, despair and tragedy. This is story is one of a people coming apart, but it is also a story of healing— and of the hard work it takes to put one’s life, one’s soul and one’s community back together.
A Royal Couple in Canada A Royal Couple in Canada: Official Visits by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have been part of Canadian history for over half of the country’s existence as an independent nation. The Queen has officially visited the country 22 times, greeting countless Canadians at hundreds of events in towns and cities. At every stop, Canadians have proudly revealed their best, showcasing the immensity and diversity of their country—and the affection and loyalty they have for their monarch. A Royal Couple in Canada is a scrapbook of those tours, set in the context of Canada’s growth as a nation.


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