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Newfoundland became a Canadian province in 1949, but how did Britain's oldest colony lose its independence in the first place? Learn about the man who surrendered Newfoundland's democracy in 1932.

Author Doug Letto is inviting everybody to celebrate the launch of his groundbreaking book, "Newfoundland's Last Prime Minister: Frederick Alderdice and the Death of a Nation", Wednesday October 29 at Winterholme Heritage Home (79 Rennie's Mill Rd.) from 7:00 to 8:30.

  • Newfoundland's Last Prime Minister: Frederick Alderdice and the Death of a Nation

    Doug Letto

    In 1932, after 80 years of elected government, Newfoundland was in trouble: staggering debt, rampant poverty and government corruption, which had incited an angry populace. It was in this near-impossible situation that Frederick Alderdice, Newfoundland’s last prime minister, was elected.

    Alderdice was the leader at a pivotal moment for Newfoundland, agreeing to the commission that would eventually suspend democratic government and set the stage for Confederation with Canada in 1949. This book traces the political changes that brought Alderdice to power, his attempts at bringing order to public finances, and his eventual capitulation to the wishes of Britain. It also asks whether Alderdice could have set Newfoundland on a different course.

    Newfoundland's Last Prime Minister: Frederick Alderdice and the Death of a Nation
    19.95 CAD
  • Rain, Drizzle and Fog: Newfoundland Weather Stories

    Sheilah Roberts

    Newfoundlanders love to talk about the weather. And why wouldn’t they? The province is known for its great gales, fierce blizzards, destructive glitter storms, blizzards, and hurricanes. It’s also known for its fast-changing conditions: If you don’t like the weather, they say, wait five minutes and it’ll change.

    Sheilah Roberts delves into archives, history books, and newspaper stacks to find stories of Newfoundland weather—the joys of a beautiful summer, the sorrows of a treacherous winter and unpredictable spring, and all the mauzy days in between. Reports from 400 years of Newfoundland and Labrador weather are interspersed with traditional weather lore, snippets of science, and dozens of fascinating photos. With a foreword by CBC’s Newfoundland and Labrador weather expert, Ryan Snodden.

    Rain, Drizzle and Fog: Newfoundland Weather Stories
    19.95 CAD
  • Hikes of Western Newfoundland

    Katie Broadhurst & Alexandra Fortin

    Hikes of Western Newfoundland is a full-colour guide to over 60 spectacular trails and trail networks from Port aux Basques to Twillingate (including Gros Morne National Park and the Baie Verte and Northern Peninsulas).

    Whether you’re looking for an easy seaside walk to a scenic picnic spot or a spectacular multi-day trek to Newfoundland’s highest peaks⎯or anything in between⎯this guide includes all the information you need for a successful journey. Vividly detailed hike descriptions include difficulty ratings, distances, trailhead GPS references, points of interest, photographs, and maps.

    Hikes of Western Newfoundland
    24.95 CAD
  • Wildflowers of Nova Scotia: Field Guide

    Todd Boland

    An authoritative guide to over 700 species of native and introduced species of wildflowers in Nova Scotia. A series of page tabs and icons, along with full colour photos, offers easy identification of wild plants.

    Wildflowers of Nova Scotia: Field Guide
    34.95 CAD
  • New Year - Surreality Series Volume II

    Caighlan Smith

    Two years have passed since Tai and her siblings joined a group of travelling phantom hunters, and she’s fitting in better than imagined. As Tai lets her guard down and leaves her old ghost-slaying methods behind, though, she discovers clues about an evil more devastating than the most powerful otherworldly demon, more dangerous than the family curse that still haunts her. Hunter training intensifies in step with feverish plans for the annual New Year celebration. But with all the distractions—ghosts, taverns, parties, and competition—who will be left to pick up the pieces in the new year?

    New Year - Surreality Series Volume II
    12.95 CAD