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Jenny Higgins book signing

At Costco (St. John's) get your copy of "Perished: The 1914 Newfoundland Sealing Disaster" signed by author Jenny Higgins this Saturday, August 23, from 10:00 to Noon.

  • Hikes of Western Newfoundland

    Katie Broadhurst & Alexandra Fortin

    Hikes of Western Newfoundland is a full-colour guide to over 60 spectacular trails and trail networks from Port aux Basques to Twillingate (including Gros Morne National Park and the Baie Verte and Northern Peninsulas).

    Whether you’re looking for an easy seaside walk to a scenic picnic spot or a spectacular multi-day trek to Newfoundland’s highest peaks⎯or anything in between⎯this guide includes all the information you need for a successful journey. Vividly detailed hike descriptions include difficulty ratings, distances, trailhead GPS references, points of interest, photographs, and maps.

    Hikes of Western Newfoundland
    24.95 CAD
  • Wildflowers of Nova Scotia: Field Guide

    Todd Boland

    An authoritative guide to over 700 species of native and introduced species of wildflowers in Nova Scotia. A series of page tabs and icons, along with full colour photos, offers easy identification of wild plants.

    Wildflowers of Nova Scotia: Field Guide
    34.95 CAD
  • New Year - Surreality Series Volume II

    Caighlan Smith

    Two years have passed since Tai and her siblings joined a group of travelling phantom hunters, and she’s fitting in better than imagined. As Tai lets her guard down and leaves her old ghost-slaying methods behind, though, she discovers clues about an evil more devastating than the most powerful otherworldly demon, more dangerous than the family curse that still haunts her. Hunter training intensifies in step with feverish plans for the annual New Year celebration. But with all the distractions—ghosts, taverns, parties, and competition—who will be left to pick up the pieces in the new year?

    New Year - Surreality Series Volume II
    12.95 CAD
  • Perished: The 1914 Newfoundland Sealing Disaster

    Jenny Higgins

    In March 1914, 132 men from the SS Newfoundland scrambled onto the treacherous North Atlantic ice floes to hunt seals. Lost in a sudden blizzard, the sealers wandered for two days and nights before rescue. Only 55 made it back alive. This disaster had a deep and lasting effect; one hundred years later, the story still resonates.

    Perished traces the events leading up to, during, and after the tragedy, revisiting the horrors of those days and nights on the ice and examining its long-term ramifications. It is also a one-of-a-kind backgrounder on the seal hunt, exploring the roots of the industry, the conditions on board the sealing vessels, the cut-throat competitiveness of sealing captains, and the determination of sealers who put their lives on the line every spring as they headed to the ice. Illustrated with more than 200 rarely seen archival photos and documents, including pull-out facsimiles of maps, log book entries, telegrams, a sealer’s ticket for the SS Newfoundland, and more.

    72 pages + pull-out maps and documents
    Hardcover 10" x 11.5"

    Perished: The 1914 Newfoundland Sealing Disaster
    29.95 CAD
    Hardcover with pull-outs
  • Ed Finn: A Journalist's Life on the Left

    Ed Finn

    Few Canadians have contributed as much as Ed Finn to creating the society we now take for granted in this country. As a journalist in Newfoundland, he defied both his bosses and premier Joey Smallwood by standing up for striking loggers in the late 1950s. He became the first NDP leader in that province, before joining Tommy Douglas in defending the Medicare system Canadians now take for granted.

    Finn’s 70-year career included writing for the Montreal Gazette and the Toronto Star, as well as working for the Canadian Union of Public Employees. He served three years on the board of directors of the Bank of Canada, and most recently has been working with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

    This book is a history of modern-day Canada from the perspective of an outsider, yet one whose talents led him to positions of influence and the corridors of power.

    Ed Finn: A Journalist's Life on the Left
    19.95 CAD