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Helen Porter awarded Order of Canada

Helen Porter, author of "Below the Bridge: Growing up on the Southside," is the recipient of the Order of Canada, in honour of her writing and social activism.

  • A Gentlemen's Agreement: Newfoundland and the Struggle for Transatlantic Air Supremacy

    Robert C. Stone

    The early 1930s were desperate years for Newfoundland, a decade of mass unemployment and looming economic collapse. But it was also a time of great hope for aviation, as aircraft companies raced to build planes that could fly great distances--including across the Atlantic Ocean. No country on either side of the Atlantic wanted to be left behind in the competition for prime landing sites, a situation that placed Newfoundland in the crosshairs for those seeking supremacy in transatlantic flight. Competition for the island's aviation rights was fierce; nations and companies engaged in deals, double-deals, and under-the-radar “Gentlemen's Agreements” in efforts to take control of aviation's greatest prize. Newfoundland's ruling politicians and merchant class, however, were poorly prepared and, in attempting to exercise the Dominion's role in the greater community of nations, unintentionally initiated Newfoundland's loss of independence. Author Robert C. Stone has meticulously researched and unraveled these muddled plots, demonstrating how Newfoundland was, for a time, the most important country in the world--and then gave it all away.

    A Gentlemen's Agreement: Newfoundland and the Struggle for Transatlantic Air Supremacy
    19.95 CAD
  • The First Five Hundred: The Royal Newfoundland Regiment in Galipoli and on the Western Front During the Great War

    Richard Cramm, with introduction by Michael O'Brien

    Originally published in 1921, The First Five Hundred is a classic history of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment during the First World War. Included are individual military records and photographs of the first contingent to go overseas, known as “The First Five Hundred” or “The Blue Puttees” due to colour of their leggings. This edition includes an introduction by Memorial University historian Michael O’Brien, whose great uncle fought in the First World War.

    The First Five Hundred: The Royal Newfoundland Regiment in Galipoli and on the Western Front During the Great War
    29.95 CAD
  • Land & Sea: My 30 Years

    Dave Quinton

    For almost 30 years Dave Quinton was welcomed as a family member into the living rooms of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. As the face of CBC-television’s Land & Sea, Quinton brought viewers into overlooked outports, introduced them to the men and women who lived there, and showcased the province’s natural beauty. During his decades as host, Quinton witnessed tremendous change and reported history as it happened.

    But what of the things viewers didn’t get to see? The outtakes, the misadventures, the touching stories away from the camera? Quinton has compiled many of his favourite tales, poignant memories, and keen observations, enlivened with over 100 full-colour photographs. Told with warmth and wit, Land & Sea: My 30 Years sheds new light on a beloved television show and the people and province who inspired it.

    Land & Sea: My 30 Years
    24.95 CAD
  • The Roar of the Sea

    The Roar of the Sea

    William Crowell & Frank Leaman

    Nova Scotia’s maritime heritage is brought to life in the story of an adventurer who traveled the world on an epic solo voyage in a 23-foot sailboat in the 1930s. With only his dog, Togo, as a companion, Captain William Crowell overcame the challenges of an unforgiving ocean.

    Decades later, his grandson Frank Leaman helped him tell the story of his travels. The Roar of the Sea explores not only his family’s history, but also Nova Scotia’s seafaring heritage. After the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax included Captain Crowell’s solo voyage as part of its permanent Days of Sail exhibit, Frank continued to gather Crowell family history and dig deeper into his grandfather’s life. Together with Allison Lawlor, Frank has created a story that weaves Captain Crowell’s life into his family’s Loyalist roots and personal reflections. The resulting book stands as one grandson’s loving tribute to his grandfather - a daring mariner who saw the end of a golden era of wooden ships and iron men.

    The Roar of the Sea
    19.95 CAD
  • Geology of Nova Scotia

    Sandra Barr & Martha Hickman Hild

    A traveller’s guide to 48 sites of geologic interest in Nova Scotia. Maps, GPS waypoints, and travel directions make it easy for anyone to visit breathtaking, informative locations both on and off the beaten path. Together, these sites reveal the geological history of Nova Scotia. Colour photographs and accompanying descriptions capture the appeal and significance of the rocks at each site.

    Geology of Nova Scotia Field Guide
    34.95 CAD